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What Top Best Suites Your Coupe?

So many choices! What to do? It's not enough to just decide whether or not you want a Z06, a C5 Roadster or C5 Coupe. Choose the first two and you are done, at least when it comes to roof choices.

When you buy a Coupe your roof choices have actually just begun. GM was kind enough to give us a few choices when it comes to Coupe tops. With GM, you can either go with the clear Lexan top, the lined/insulated solid composite top or option for both tops. Of course there is always the choice to remove the top that came with the coupe and put it under the bed, never to be seen again, until you trade your car for a new C6.

Pros and Cons of Clear Roof

  • Gives the car a light and airy feeling with the comfort of a closed cockpit
  • Very light which helps aid in quick and easy one person removal/replacement
  • Beautiful moon roof effect at night
  • Dark tint gives nice contrast on some colors - blends well with others
  • Car can get very hot in baking weather
  • Sun can damage your skin
  • Very little sound insulation

Pros and Cons of Solid Roof

  • Makes you feel all cozy inside
  • Keeps out sun and helps beat extreme heat
  • Insulated top makes for quieter ride - easier to talk to passenger - car feels really solid
  • Heavier - harder to remove/replace with just one person
  • Paint matches car - looks beautiful
  • Much more closed in feeling - sometimes feels closed in

Other Roof Alternatives

  • Static Cling
  • Insulated Suction Cup Headliner

My Personal Opinion on Choosing a Roof

  • Take the top off and drive it like an open roadster - my favorite
  • Use the Solid Top in the hot summer months and the clear top the rest of the year
  • Use the solid top when driving with your hard of hearing 78 year old mother
  • Save money and just get the Lexan top and get the insulated suction cup headliner/sun-blocker
  • Buy a hat and never put the top on at all

This page was last updated on 06/08/01 by Redshift


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