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Convertible Top Care

How many of you roadster owners have your top adjusted every six months ???

How many of you are actuallytold to have it checked??

Not many, I suppose. Are you aware that a replacement top for your convertible C5 is approximately $1300?  It is common for C5 convertible tops, particularly '98s to not be properly aligned. This can leading to fraying at the top of the 'b' pillar, where the door glass contacts the top, as it begins to stretch.

When the top is assembled it is very tight and over time, heat, tension of the frame, and constant up and down will cause the top to stretch.

This is a basic maintenance procedure, and should be checked when you take your c5 to your local specialist. If there is any question as to whether the top is properly aligned or not, it should be adjusted.

When adjusting the top (or even having it adjusted) do not expect that you properly align it completely on the first outing. You may have to do incremental adjustments over a couple weeks to make sure it is absolutely at its best.

As far as fabric care, you should reference your video to correctly wash and maintain your top. Remember that the white vinyl is different from the light oak and black canvas, and that care is critical for maximum life. The cleaner and protectant can be purchased from the Corvette Museum and they are, as of this time, the only ones that carry the stuff.

This little bit of preventive maintenance will help to keep your rides at the highest level that they can be. I can attest first hand to the difficulty of installing a new top.  It takes me 6 hours just to remove and install, followed by at least another 3 visits to adjust accordingly.

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