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Corvette of the Month Rules

Please read this entire page BEFORE submitting a picture!

We need a high-quality photo (either a scanned photo, or from a quality digital camera). It must be at least 400x200 in size. Unfortunately, we can't use any smaller than that. If it's larger, we will resize and crop as needed. Please don't send a photo with a file size larger than 200k.

You don't need to have a lot of fancy or expensive mods to be featured as the Corvette of the Month. All it takes is a nice picture. Take lots of pictures and pick the best one to send.

Please do not send photos of your cars with scantily clad women posing on or near them. This is not Hot Rod Magazine. The cars should be able to stand by themselves.

Photos are not selected in chronological order of submission, but rather by the quality of the picture. To be perfectly honest, if the picture doesn't cut it, we're going to delete it and move onto the next one. If it's nice, it'll get used.

COTW Sample

You only need to submit your car once, unless you get a better photo and the car has not already run. We try to only run each car one time.

We can't stress enough that photo quality is very important. This doesn't mean you need an expensive camera. What it does mean is that your car is shot from a good angle, with good lighting. The background should be taken into consideration. If the car looks good and the background doesn't, try to blur out the background.

Now that you've read the guidelines, it's time to send in those pictures! Send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your car's model year and style (ie, 2000 Millennium Yellow Convertible)
  • (optional) Your car's website, your email address, or other contact information that we can post on the site

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