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Cold Air Screen Installation


Don't follow the installation instructions provided with the product. They are no good.

Tools Required

The following tools were used to make the modification.

  • Torx T15 driver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 10mm box end wrench (short)
  • 9/32" socket and ratchet (7mm is too small; 7.5mm too big)

Do the Job

Allow yourself about 2-3 hours for this job.
  1. Remove the 5 screws that hold the nose piece to the radiator shroud with the 9/32 socket. They are under the nose between the bumper braces where the nose meets the shroud. While under there, I hosed off the radiator.
  2. Raise hood and turn on headlights. Turn off fog lights. Alternatively, use the big black knob near each headlight to raise it and lower it manually to prevent battery drain.
  3. Remove the black plastic trim around headlights by removing the 3 Phillips screws. 1 is outboard and 2 inboard.
  4. Measure the largest circumference of your forearm. If its greater than 11", use the Torx T15 to remove the headlight doors. If its less than 11", you might be able to leave the doors on.
  5. Remove the 10mm screw that holds the fog lamp unit in place and move the fog lamp back out of the way. This is the only bolt you can see the rest is done by feel.
  6. Remove the 10mm screw that holds the stock molding. It is located on the outboard side of the unit and goes in from the bottom. You have to find it by feel.
  7. If you didn't use the black knob to raise the headlights, you can turn the headlights off because it will be a while before you need the room again.
  8. Insert your hand/arm between the nosepiece and the radiator shroud. If you feel along the bottom edge of the stock molding you will find 2 places where the wiring harness is attached with push in plastic pieces. Remove the wiring harness by pulling. You will probably mess up one or both of the plastic pieces since you can't see what you are doing.
  9. Remove the last 2, 10 mm screws from the inboard side of the molding. One of these is on the bottom beside where the wiring harness was attached and the other is on the top.
  10. This is a picture of the passenger side cold air screen. The 2 tabs on the right are for the mounting bolts. The 2 holes on bottom are for the wiring harness.
    This is a shot from the top of the passenger side screen showing the outboard mounting tab.
  11. Now the old piece should move freely. You will have to bend and slide it to the middle on the nose and then pull it out between the nosepiece and the radiator shroud.
  12. As the instructions say, "Now, simply use the three bolts and replace the stock molding with the cold air screens."
  13. Reinstall the fog light.
  14. Turn the headlights back on and put the door back on the top of the head light assembly. Making sure you adjust it so that it matches the fender/hood.
  15. Put the trim back around the headlight then proceed to do the other side.
  16. After completing the passenger side be sure to install the five little screws that hold the nose to the radiator shroud.
  17. Have a couple of beers and reflect on why you should have bought a 1" hole saw and popped three holes in each of the old moldings and then bought some of those sexy Z06 grills to cover the whole thing up.

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