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Donaldson Blackwing Install


Upgrade from your stock air filter to one of the higher flowing air filters available for the C5.

Tools Required

The following tools were used to make the modification.

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Small adjustable wrench (if you decide to disconnect battery)

Important Notes

  • this is a good place to remove [as I forgot to do!] your watch, rings and any items that may get caught in the machinery as you proceed with the filter installation.

Do the Job

  1. You should have your Blackwing filter and instruction sheet handy. Read the instructions a couple of times while you locate the various filter parts and items under the hood. You'll notice that the filter comes with a small piece of rubber tubing - you'll need this if you have a 2001 or newer car with the 4-inch intake diameter. Earlier cars don't require this piece; save it anyway - you'll want it when you move the filter to your new C5!
  2. Take a look at all the underhood pieces you'll be dealing with. Mark and label hoses and wires if you need to. The instructions call for disconnecting the battery - optional in my opinion, but disconnect the negative cable if you'd like. The installation takes about an hour so you'll need to check memory functions on the radio after you reconnect the battery.
  3. Use the screwdriver to disconnect the clamp from the rubber accordion piece leading into the throttle body. With the screwdriver, pry [being careful not to damage the wire bundle running to the MAF sensor plug] the plastic air bridge away from its rubber locating grommets. Slide the rubber lip away from the throttle body.
  4. A very important step now is to locate the small tab in the center of the top of the electrical connector on the MAF sensor plug. The small tab must be pushed down before the gray "key" in the plug can be pulled out. If you don't remove this "key", you'll never get the MAF sensor plug out. Once the "key" is removed, you then squeeze the sides of the MAF connector toward the center and pull it [gently] away from the MAF sensor housing. DO NOT LOSE THE "KEY"!
  5. One last item before removing the stock air filter assembly. You have to remove the friction clamp that holds the end of the PCV hose onto the air cleaner connector. Slide the screwdriver blade between the two serrated "jaws" of the clamp and rotate the blade until the clamp opens. You can now disconnect the hose from the air filter box. Save the friction clamp! With the hose free and the MAF sensor plug out of the way, remove the stock air filter assembly by first reaching down between the hood and the top of the air filter box; you should feel a locating grommet on either end of the lower edge of the air filter box. Pull the box free of the locating posts inside the grommets. Pulling the whole air filter assembly up and toward the rear of the car is all it takes to complete the removal.
  6. You can remove the clamp holding the front of the MAF sensor to the stock airbox. Notice the screen on the front of the MAF - if it's missing on your car you have a 2002 Z06! Look for the rubber grommets on either side of the stock airbox. Pull them out and save them.
  7. to install in the openings on either side of the bottom flange on the Blackwing filter. At the top of the Blackwing is a rubber gasket designed for earlier intakes (3.5 in diameter.) Leave it on for 97-99s; remove and replace with the supplied rubber hose section for 2001s and newer cars (4 in diameter.) If you use the new hose section make sure you seat it fully down over the intake mouth.
  8. Leaving the circular clamps hand tight, insert the MAF sensor into the filter opening. You'll need to have enough play to adjust the filter and MAF locations when you reinstall the intake assembly. The best approach is to seat the rubber grommets on the bottom of the Blackwing on their locating posts first; then adjust the filter assembly to get the rubber accordion piece of the mouth of the throttle body. Last, make sure you have the MAF sensor wiring harness routed under the airbridge before you seat the "ears" on the air bridge back over their locating grommets. Reconnect the MAF sensor plug and install the gray locking "key."
  9. You can remove the PCV connector from the stock filter and install it in the hole provided as shown on the Blackwing. Push the PCV hose over the connector and reinstall the original friction clamp. Once you're satisfied with the filter assembly location, don't forget to tighten all the clamps. You're done!
  10. 7. Collect up all tools, instructions, beer bottles, etc. from the engine compartment BEFORE closing the hood - those "longneck" dents are hard to hide.

This page was written by John Sheehan (jwight) and reformatted by Magnetic1. person


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