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Installing a Hurst Shifter in your C5 Corvette

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This article shows how to install a Hurst Billet Plus shifter in a 2001 C5 Coupe.

Reading the instructions prior to starting the install is generally a good idea. This article is not a substitute for the instructions included with the shifter.

Tools Required

The following tools were used to make the modification.

  • Small screwdriver
  • Large screwdriver
  • ViseGrips
  • Small block of wood or metal - about 1x3x2
  • Torx T10 driver
  • Torx T15 driver
  • 3/8" Ratchet, extension, 10mm socket, 3/8" socket
  • 3/16" Hex Bit
  • Torque wrench
  • 1/4" and 3/16" Allen wrench
  • 9/16" box-end wrench
  • Optional - Flashlight, inspection mirror, magnet, coathanger, strong language... (only needed if you manage to drop anything in the tunnel :( )

Do the Job

  1. Start by using a small screwdriver to pry the appliqué from the shift knob.
  2. Next, use vise grips to lock onto the metal "T" retainer.
  3. Use a block of wood or metal in conjunction with the large screwdriver to pry the retainer up and out.
  4. Unscrew the shift knob. Open the console and remove the two plastic covers with a small screwdriver. Remove these two 10mm nuts.
  5. Gently pry out the center module housing the traction control button. Remove the two 10mm nuts that retain the rear and front consoles to the floor tunnel.
  6. Disconnect the connectors to the air bag indicator light, traction control button and accessory power receptacle and remove module. Next pop of the cover of the inside air temp sensor beside the ignition switch. Remove the Torx screw.
  7. Locate and remove the other Torx screws located beside the cig lighter and behind the ashtray.
  8. Slide the rear portion of the console back and tilt up to locate and disconnect the fuel door switch. Remove the console and set aside.
  9. Carefully remove the front/dash portion of the console revealing the closeout boot covering the shifter. Remove the four 10mm nuts that secure the boot.
  10. Remove the four 3/8" bolts that retain the shifter. Remove the shifter. A little prying or tapping may be needed to unseat it. Make certain to remove the alignment pin with the shifter.
  11. Remove the gasket from the housing.
  12. Carefully remove the cup bushing from the bottom ball of the factory shifter.
  13. Apply a small amount of grease and press onto the new shifter.
  14. Place the new gasket on the shifter base.
  15. Install the shifter and use the new cap screws to secure. NOTE that the slot in the threaded portion of the shaft goes towards the rear of the car. Tighten to 8 to10 foot-pounds.
  16. Follow the written instructions to tailor side tension and stops. Use supplied blue loctite once you have found the optimal configuration.
  17. The factory closeout boot must have the center cut out or inverted to clear the new shifter. Simply push the center through so that it points up.
  18. Reinstall closeout boot. Reverse disassembly procedure to reinstall console. Be careful not to over tighten the center console retaining nuts (risk cracking the plastic). Add an aftermarket shift knob of your choosing and enjoy!

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