Traction Control/ABS Codes

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Traction Control/ABS Codes - 12/17/01 04:59 PM

Everytime I drive my car (98 coupe) within a half mile I get two messages -service traction control and service ABS. They always come on together. I got the codes out of the DIC and they were C1225 LF Excessive Wheel Speed Variation and C1232 LF Wheel Speed Circuit Open or Shorted. The performance of the car isn't affected? I don't know much about sensor/computer related issues. What do these mean? Is it something I can fix myself? How much money am I looking at to get it fixed? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated? Thanks. confused
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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 12/17/01 08:26 PM

HI there, Teach,
We have delt with many important issues as far as this condition.
The most frequent cause of this code is a shorted wheel speed sensor harness, which connects the factory harness, to the wheel speed sensor.
If you raise the front of your car, and remove the wheels, you can do a quick test to check my diagnosis, and if I am correct.
Simply, unplug the wheel speed sensor harness from the sensor, and trace it to the aluminum frame connection, and unplug it. And trade it to the other side of the car.
Both left front and right front wheel speed sensor harness are exactly the same, part number, and connection. Then, install the wheels, and take a drive.
If your codes change to a c1226, then the code just changed to the other side of the car. And the sensor is at fault.
Please keep us posted, and we will be glad to help further, c4c5
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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 12/17/01 09:50 PM

Thanks. I'll give it a shot. But is it the harness or the sensor that is bad? Where are these harnesses located in relation to the tires? Are they easily identifiable? Any info, appreciated.
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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 12/17/01 10:13 PM

Hi there,
If you chose, you can look at the back of the hub assembly, there is a plug that is there, with a wire going away from the brake rotor, to the inner fender well, running along the bottom control arm.
Look there, and you will see it.
Now, under most circumstances, the wiring harness is the issue. Not the sensor.
Besttoyou, c4c5 hammer
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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 12/19/01 05:59 PM

Thanks again. I appreciate the help.
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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 07/03/05 03:53 PM


For me the "Service ABS, Service Traction Sys, Service Active Hndlg" started morning after driving quite hard on a bumpy road. First i got C1225 and 1232, i resetted them, drived around until the service text came up, got C1221 and C1225, resetted again and now only C1225 comes up once and a while. If i turn off the engine and start the service text is gone but comes back again after a while. It just pops up, i cant generate the error.

All the forum posts says to check the cabling to the sensor, im a rookie in this and there are lit of cables and stuff in a vette, anyone have any pics how these parts look like?

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Re: Traction Control/ABS Codes - 02/19/22 08:47 PM

Hi, There, C4C5 tech. Long time no see. looking in to code 1225. harness shows, 1.004K ohms, generates voltage when I spin da rotor. Had tons of ice mode last track day. this code set. I tapped brake w left foot before brake zones to reset ice mode. Would this code, or 1233 or 1247(all set both C and H) cause it to be more sensitive going in to hard braking? I am pretty careful not to "stab" the pedal, but firmly squeeze it on. Thanks for any advice.