'81 Temperature Gauge

Posted by: Don&Kelly

'81 Temperature Gauge - 02/08/03 07:40 PM

I just put a new rebuilt engine in my '81 coupe & I installed a new temperature sending unit with the motor. I can not get the temperature guage to work. The new engine has fuel injection & so I've disconnected the "old" computer & use the "new" computer that came with the engine.
Does the temperature use anything in the old computer (I don't think so) & if not what am I missing??

Thanks for your help ...

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Posted by: c4c5specialist

Re: '81 Temperature Gauge - 02/10/03 09:33 PM

Hi there,
Just remember that the temp gauge sensing unit is located on the passenger side cylinder head, and is a 1 terminal design.
The other temp sensor, in the intake, is for the computer only, and does NOT affect your dash gauge.
Allthebest, c4c5 hammer