87 air filter and air bridge

Posted by: BLKVETTE00

87 air filter and air bridge - 05/23/10 01:38 PM

I recently installed a a new Borla y-pipe and mufflers on my 87 and I would like to add a new air filter and bridge before I get it tuned. Would someone please recommend a good one for me?

Posted by: Stan

Re: 87 air filter and air bridge - 06/12/10 10:51 PM

I installed a K&N Air filter on my 87. Lets in more air and will last the life of the car, just clean it every 6 months (depends on how many miles you put on it each year). As far as the air bridge goes, its been a while since I owned the 87 and I forgot what I did. Look at West Coast Corvettes, Eklers or Mid America for options. Good Luck.
Posted by: cossak

Re: 87 air filter and air bridge - 07/02/10 10:41 AM

I also just used the K&N filter in my 87 when I owned it, it was great. It gave more power, and improved my mpg too. Why spend the extra money on "bling" when just changing the stock setup was good enough.