1990 Corvette Problem.........need help!

Posted by: Burnin21

1990 Corvette Problem.........need help! - 04/18/05 07:28 AM

Hey Guys,

I have a 1990 Corvette Coupe (not the ZR1) and I have a problem I cant figure out. Whenever I start the car it turns over fine and runs until it warms up. As soon as the car warms up it shuts down like someone killed the ignition. I changed the gas, plugs, oil and it still is doing it. Any ideas!? confused
Posted by: J's_vett

Re: 1990 Corvette Problem.........need help! - 04/20/05 09:44 AM

First I need to know does it show a code? You need to have your vehicle scanned for codes. If there is no codes the first thing I would check is the EGR to ensure they are not stuck in the open position. Second I would check o2 sensor. if good the I would check main fuel filter under the car on the underside on passenger side near exhaust and make sure not clogged. if not them only one thing air ildler motor on throttle body dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced.
Posted by: 86Z51

Re: 1990 Corvette Problem.........need help! - 04/20/05 11:13 AM

Ignition module inside of distributor or the coil sitting on top could be the culprit.