1/13/13 7PM ET

Posted by: BruceF

1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/13/13 05:24 PM

Tune in for the live reveal of the C7
Posted by: jrose7004

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/13/13 07:24 PM

Just watched it live! Do you guys think that it'll be a game changer?
Posted by: BruceF

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/13/13 07:46 PM

It certainly ups the ante with the amount of technology and materials in the car. Especially if the base model remains in the 50k range.
Posted by: Chewy

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/13/13 10:35 PM

I haven't read any technical details yet, but the pics seem OK. I was mildly concerned that I would regret getting the 2012 GS last year, but I'm definitely NOT disappointed now that I've seen the C7.
Posted by: rogerd

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 09:22 AM

Overall, seems good, but like (IMO) the C5 and C6, the back end styling needs work. Too much Camaro in there, and I have to say, I am not an enthusiast for the Camaro styling wise. Too much like a caricature of the original.

Tech. wise, more power, aluminum frame, lighter generally with some carbon fiber on all models. I would expect the prices to be up noticeably, but on the bright side (unless you own one of course), C6 prices should come down as we get nearer to C7 production (late this year).
Posted by: jrose7004

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 09:24 AM

Yep, tail lights should have been round in my estimation.
Posted by: C5Lou

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 10:10 AM

Read just about EVERY post in a few different forums and I echo the majority of sentiments such as,"Miss the round tail lights", "back end looks way too much like a Camaro", "Viper clone", etc, etc.
I'm sure, just like when the first C4, C5, and C6 were announced, I didn't like them, but over time I grew to love them. As of right now I'm just not feeling it for the C7. I'll keep my C5 for now and maybe in the future I'll spring for a C6 GS !

BTW: Long time no see ! SO with that in mind , HAPPY NEW YEAR .
How has everyone been?
Posted by: Smokensparks

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 12:21 PM

Overall I really like it, however the tailend does scream Camaro too much.
Posted by: jnlitz

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 12:52 PM

Interestingly, my wife and I watched the live feed last night and I too have issues with the tail lights. My wife, however, asked me would I like that or a C6 for a retirement gift. Now that is something to think about. First I told her that they wouldn't be available for awhile yet and they would certainly go for more then MSRP to those early adopters. I mentioned that the 2013 anniversary edition is soooooo sweet that it would be hard to wait another year for a C7. I also told her I'd be tickled with a low mileage 2008-12 for a fraction of what a new one will run. Although, I do think there will be some deals on C6's very soon as dealers and GM try to clear out inventory. I'm leaning towards a C6 but will still wait until spring.

Posted by: CNS

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 01:30 PM

The engineers obviously stole the rear end from the Camaro, the sides from the Ferarri Testarossa and the front from the Dodge Viper. Why not round out the package with a Ferrari F430 rear end with the round tail lights?
Posted by: BruceF

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 01:46 PM

I read that the sides of the taillights are vents. That's why they aren't round. Of course, they probably could have put round lights next to the vent.
Posted by: J.B.

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 02:24 PM

the rear fender vents on the top of the rear quarters shoot air to the limited slip differential and to the transmission..

Nobody's saying but I bet those dam vents out back make the dusting on the rear of the c5 and c6 history! LOL

(as a side benefit!)

this way when you drive your clean vette after washing and drying it...it doesn't look like someone poured a bag of dirt on the back of the car! LOL (rear facia)

The aerordyamics will hopefully change that situation....

Dirty butt syndrome for c5 and c6 corvettes will finally end their reign..
Posted by: J.B.

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/14/13 02:34 PM

btw...I don't have any issue with the shape of the c7 tail lights...

I really could care less...I'm still not running out to buy one as they release and I'll wait a few years..

I think the top of the basket handle should be black and not painted the color of the car...

but thats just being picky...The styling is amazing..

starting price for the C7 is 53 grand for the base coupe..

Gotta have the MR Shocks with the FE4 suspension and the Z51..

I dig the competition seats but the money they will want for that package will be insane....

I'd order up the car....a torch red z51 with MRC, PTM5 type tech, Launch control, dry sump, , NPP....a manual transmission with rev matching and launch control and if possible the competition seats

Other than that...I'm good! I love this new car....

I really did want to see a dual clutch transmission on it...because driving into manhattan with the manual transmission is getting on my nerves..The 6 speed automatic is cool...as will be the second year C7 8 speed...

I'll have to test drive the 8 speed and see if I like it..

I didn't want to love this new car....i wanted to wait for a dual clutch corvette...

Z51, dual clutch, MRC, NPP, PTM5 and competition seats would be a dream...

I'm betting at least 60 large for that package(without the comp seats) as spec'd....(if even a dual clutch was available.) there is a slight rumor it might appear down the road ....(even in the viper)
Posted by: rogerd

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/15/13 09:30 AM

If I decide to "upgrade", later this year would be a good time to go C6 shopping.

Having looked at a lot of C7 pics, I am not onboard - too many styling doodads in contrasting colors. It might look better in black - they would not show up so much.
Posted by: jrose7004

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/15/13 11:22 PM

I certainly wouldn't buy one of the first production year given GM's history for letting those first buyers test the cars for problems.
Posted by: jnlitz

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/16/13 08:38 AM

I'm not crazy about the rear end either, but it probably won't be an issue for me since the price tag will keep me away from it for a long time. Like others have mentioned, I will focus on upgrading to a C6. At almost 64 and retiring in April I'll be tickled to have a C6 in my drive way, and I will try to get a new one or nearly new (under warranty). With my old football and runners knees, who knows how long I'll be able to get in and out of a vette, so I want to enjoy it while I can and not break the bank doing so. Plus the issue in NE Ohio is, you always need another car for the crappy winters we have.

I think it's going to be a great opportunity to get a new 12 or 13 for a significant discount.

Posted by: Stan

Re: 1/13/13 7PM ET - 01/21/13 01:00 PM

Jeff, I think you are correct about the pricing of a new 12 or 13, but do not wait too long to get one, because once they are gone, they are gone.