wish me luck!

Posted by: healeydp

wish me luck! - 05/30/12 04:46 PM

Well guys, its been a long month with some problems (Joe, Chewy thanks for the help with the c5 info!) But the movers came and packed the house today and tomorrow morning, its off on a 640 mile move to TN in the Vette, bowling green won't be far from me so I plan on taking a little sight seeing tour there and also taking a small wind down the tail of the dragon on my way through, this should be a darn good trip!
Posted by: BruceF

Re: wish me luck! - 05/30/12 04:49 PM

Good luck with the move!
Posted by: healeydp

Re: wish me luck! - 05/30/12 05:14 PM

Thanks Bruce!
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Re: wish me luck! - 05/30/12 07:48 PM

Best of luck and travel safe!Enjoy the ride!!
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Re: wish me luck! - 05/30/12 09:59 PM

Have a safe trip and good luck in the new location!
Posted by: Chewy

Re: wish me luck! - 05/30/12 11:26 PM

Make sure you pack everything in the trunk real good, the dragon will shake things loose otherwise
Posted by: healeydp

Re: wish me luck! - 05/31/12 07:20 AM

Thanks guys, I don't have a lot in the corvette, just a couple of suits really so I get to luck out on not having a lot of stuff to carry, my journey starts in 3 hours, ill have pics when I get back on.
Posted by: J.B.

Re: wish me luck! - 05/31/12 11:09 AM

wow! what an exciting time...

Fill us in on the journey and show photos of whatever you can....

Moving to Tn is exciting.....

Best of luck

Posted by: healeydp

Re: wish me luck! - 05/31/12 09:04 PM

Hey guys, quick update on my adventure. Hit deals gap earlier today but didn't get any pics cause the photographer (my wife) decided she was going to truck ahead to kingsport, TN and I just got here about 15 mins ago to the hotel.
The dragon was seriously one of the best rides I've ever been on, but what's up with the low speed limits? it would really make an interesting road course but way to dangerous for relatively high speeds. I did however get me a license plate frame from a souviner (sp?) shop there. If you guys have never been on it, do it someday (dunno if you've done it yet chewy but the centennial needs to get there lol) I ended up having to double back to head back to where I need to go. Tomorrows next stop is to cross the state into indiana and get to bowling green!
Posted by: Chewy

Re: wish me luck! - 05/31/12 10:06 PM


I haven't done the actual dragon road yet, but have been on several others pretty much just like it in the area. I may even end up in Cherokee NC this weekend for a night.
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Re: wish me luck! - 06/04/12 09:59 PM

I did a trip to the dragon a few years back. I was told that nobody cares how fast you drive. Was going through about the midpoint stuck behind a slow Soltice when we passed a cop stopped in the opposite lane. He gave me a warning for being 10 or 15 over the limit. Lucky for me about the traffic, otherwise i might have been double or triple the speed limit.

The roads that were much more enjoyable (faster and less traffic) are roads like Blood Mountain, War Woman, and a bunch of others that I can't remember their names. We saw a lot of triple digit speeds on those roads.