For any of you Bubba's that want to see what you and your Vettes can do on a drag strip then you need to join me at the Centerville Drag Strip at Centerville, Arkansas next Saturday, April 2nd. from 11:00AM until?? The Central Corvette Club out of Little Rock has arranged to have an All Corvette race day at the Centerville Drag Strip. This is a 1000ft. track with a long shut down area that offers plenty of great spectator areas, shade trees, picnic areas, and a little snack bar that serves the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and stuff. Price to watch is $5.00 per person and to race is $25.00 plus $18.75, the remainder of the 2011 membership dues to join the CACC for insurance purpose. I plan on seeing what my 2004 Z06 will do down this neat little strip and hope that some of you can make it there too. Sorry about the short notice!!