Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs Ferrari 458 Italia vs McLaren MP4-12C - Comparison Test
Bearing gifts of crushing horsepower, brilliant roadholding and breathtaking style, these V-8 supercars take to both the road and Spring Mountain’s Radical Loop.

With a grin so broad it's visible through his helmet’s visor, ex-IMSA champion Steve Millen pins the ZR1’s throttle on the short chute; the car squats hard on its rear Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, lifting the nose visibly, punching a jagged hole in the air en route to the next apex. The McLaren’s a blur on the back straight, turbos at full whistle with speed building on speed, then BAMM!—all at once, hard braking, an auto-blip downshift and, in finest Chaparral 2E tradition, the rear wing hammers into full air-brake mode. The Ferrari? It’s slithering gloriously around the track, slightly sideways yet in always controllable dynamic equilibrium, set to a mesmerizing V-8 soundtrack.

Great video..great photos and a five page article worth reading....

Enjoy and happy holidays!

2008 Black/blk C6 Z51 NPP M6
2008 Silver/blk CTS FE2 AWD 304hp