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#112458 - 04/09/13 06:04 PM Airbag readyness light
Ted Offline
Engine Warming Up

Registered: 07/12/01
Posts: 36
Loc: San Benito County, California
On my 2009 ZHZ the airbag readiness light just came on when a passenger was sitting in the passenger seat. Seat belt was fastened. Any suggestions where I should start looking or how to fix?

#112460 - 04/09/13 07:45 PM Re: Airbag readyness light [Re: Ted]
Chewy Offline
Full Throttle Member

Registered: 04/06/03
Posts: 3287
Loc: North Augusta, SC
I hate to say it, but that pretty much requires a trip to the dealer. I'm not even sure if you can buy a code scanner that will read airbag faults.

If it only comes on with a passenger present, check the spring tension on the seatbelt to make sure it works properly. You may get lucky.

This is out of my '12 owners manual:

Airbag Readiness Light
The system checks the airbag's
electrical system for possible
malfunctions. If the light stays on,
it indicates there is an electrical
problem. The system check includes
the airbag sensor(s), passenger
sensing system, the pretensioners,
the airbag modules, the wiring, and
the crash sensing and diagnostic
module. For more information on the
airbag system, see Airbag System
on page 3‑15.
The airbag readiness light flashes
for a few seconds when the engine
is started. If the light does not come
on then, have it fixed immediately.
If the airbag readiness light stays
on after the vehicle is started or
comes on while driving, it means
the airbag system might not be
working properly. The airbags in
the vehicle might not inflate in a
crash, or they could even inflate
without a crash. To help avoid
injury, have the vehicle serviced
right away.
If there is a problem with the airbag
system, an airbag Driver Information
Center (DIC) message can also
come on. See Vehicle Messages on
page 5‑35 for more information.

#112461 - 04/09/13 08:22 PM Re: Airbag readyness light [Re: Chewy]
Ted Offline
Engine Warming Up

Registered: 07/12/01
Posts: 36
Loc: San Benito County, California
The light stays on regardless if the passenger is in the seat or not. Thanks for your response but I sure hate to go to the dealer. ;-(

#112698 - 07/05/13 12:23 AM Re: Airbag readyness light [Re: Ted]
leadfoot Offline
Full Throttle Member

Registered: 07/31/01
Posts: 5086
Loc: Pennsylvania
Stupid question as I am new to the C6 but did you turn the bag on in the glove box?
SOLD MY C5 found my next one and it is a C6.


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