There is a petition is going around asking IMSA to redress the AoP issue in the GTLM class. You can sign it at the link below:

Race fans spend plenty of money going to the Tudor Races all season. Tickets hotels food etc. Thousands of dollars. We expect to see racing! We do not approve and will no longer support a race series where the outcome is fixed. On a regular basis a team that is doing well is punished for no reason other than they are doing well. Over the last two seasons one team has been consistently punished with Balance of Power adjustments, at the same time teams that are all ready faster are given further assistance. This gentlemen is not racing. We the fans respectfully request that this biased processes is stopped. Yes the cars need to be competitive however you do not penalize the better teams. There are many ways to ensure that the cars are equal. What is currently being done is not the way for the series to continue.
Letter to
Mr. Scott Atherton
Mr. Jim France
Mr. Ed Bennett
and 2 others
Mr. David Pettit
Mr. Simon Hodgson
Stop unfair IMSA BOP/AOP