I actually started this over on the corvetteforum Northeast folder.... I've only been a vette owner for a couple months now and I've seen just how swamped the forums can get and posts get lost when it comes to events.

So I started an e-mail list for local folks to subscribe to (and use) to e-mail about events & such. This list is operated off my own personal website hosting. You can subscribe and unsubscribe yourself at anytime. Those who are on the list - can e-mail everyone on the list. Use it to advertise or communicate about events, shows, mod parties, get-togethers, convoys, cruises, or whatever you want that's vette related. Anyone is free to join in.

To subscribe or unsubscribe - send an e-mail to:
In the subject line:

After you have subscribed - you can use the list by e-mailing to: corvette@lieblweb.com

My husband and I will keep an eye on the list for SPAM and if anyone has any problems or questions - feel free to ask!! jandy@lieblweb.com

Thanks & Enjoy! Hope to meet up with some local folks!