Has anybody heard of this and/or can explain it? I was airing up some tires in my garage when I heard a loud explosion. I thought a tire had blown, but they all looked ok. Then I looked at my 86 Coupe sitting about 5 feet away (where it has been for months awaiting a brake job and a few other things) and the enire rear hatch had shattered.

Most of the glass had landed inside the car like it had imploded, but some had landed outside as well.

My first thought was that my golfing neighbor had driven another golf ball onto my property and somehow managed to hit the car, but I just can't believe that it would have the energy to do that. Another thought is that a stray bullet (or maybe not stray) had managed to hit it, but I didn't see any holes in the garage and I don't think that a small impact would produce that kind of failure.

Any ideas?