My '99 MN6, Column Lock failed a long time ago, just before the first formal GM Recall. I got them to pay me back for it, although it took 6 months to accomplish it. Then, when the recall was issued, they had to do it again as the first failure, they put in brand new defective parts. No charge for that one. That repair left something loose inside was making noise and the AC went on to full blast and couldn't be stopped, so they had to re-do that work again. Then, last year, was another recall which was also accomplished at no charge and whatever it was for. Then it locked up on me again here at work one night. I was able to get it unlocked and drive it home. Ordered, received and installed the bypass, no problems since. I welcome them issuing this last recall, if and when it really happens, to remove it totally once and for all.
2007 C6 Coupe, Montery Red, MZ6, Z51