Today I received a special Safety Recall letter. My story goes like this. I have a 2001 conv. In July of 2004 I experienced the steering column lock. Call Chevrolet and they flat bedded the car to the dealer and fixed the problem. I had no confedence it would not happen again so I purchased the Column bypass and installed it. For the last year I have been receiving card notices indication a Column Lock System recall has not been completed. I ignored them because I had installed the CB and read in the forum that there have been re-occurrance after Chevrolet fixed it the first time. Today The recall letter know explains that they will diable the column lock. That is interesting because that is what 80+% of us have already done ourselves. Any input on how to handle this letter? Should I write that I have diabled it myself so Chevrolet will close the books on my car and stop sending safety recall notices.