just an update on my situation...briefly...

column locked up last march. $500 later...I have a new "column lock motor".

Now they issue the new recall. So, I gather my receipts and call up GM customer service. I mean customer "deferrment" department.

I explained to them that I paid $500 to fix a problem, that now is going to be completely disenabled. Why did I fix it? I asked.

I don't know, sir. Let me put you on hold for 5 min to investigate this further.

So.....Here is the rest of the conversation.

"We started a project for you."

Here is your Confirmation number.

We cannot do anything yet, as you have not received your notice of the new recall.

When you receive it, and have the new recall performed, we can then evaluate the possibility of some reimbursement for money spent back in march.

Hopefully, this will all take place in 90 days otherwise we will have to open a new file.


End phone call.

So, here we go again...the great run-around I abandoned last year because I spent way too much time on the phone with these people.
If they hear you before they see you, it is loud enough.

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