I'm a second owner of a 99 vert. My first exposure to this problem was when I backed up into two lanes of trafic from a driveway wondering why I can't turn the wheal. This was eight monts ago, since then I had the car lock up on me three more times. Acording to the dealer all recals were performed, needless to say I was left on my own. I finaly installed a clb device and that restored some confidance in me taking the car out. Now I'm learning that a CLB device can couse problems vith the BCM, in some circumstances the BCM totaly burned out. This is not something that happens after the clb instalation, I just wonder if I now have a different ticking bom in my car. As to the new GM answer to the problem this is not a recall and does not guarante nothing. I found out that there is about 50 different reasons the column can lock, and gm Special Policy will only adress only two or three. I love Corvetts but that love is wearing very thin with all the stupid problems built into the car and GM's arogent denial that a problem exist and refusal of assuming the responsibylity for repairs. English is my third language so please exciuse my speling, thanks.