My 02 Coupe just had this fault. The dealer who performed the recal work last August fixed this fault at no cost to me. Baby hadn't had any problems before last week. The specific issues on the invoice were:

"Customer states that steering column light is on
Checked for DTC's ahs none in any module tested column lock found has open feedback switch in lock motor called tac said is problem with recall part installed PI AIC3088F said to check date code on motor is 2032 is wrong replaced lock motor assembly then checked grounds G104 G106 G201 G202 plug battery per tac removed recall harness now works normal."

Parts listed are:

88965331 Lock 2.195 (qty:1)
89023816 Harness k 2.195 (qty: 0)

Does any of this make sense to anyone? Good news is baby runs just fine, and it didn't cost me a dime.