The original CLB's available to be purchased included a cable that temporarily plugged into the lock on one end and the cigarette lighter on the other end. The purpose was to position the column lock pin into the unlocked position so you can install the CLB itself. It looks like he now preferrs to just let the car unlock the pin on its own. The alarm is not affected, the column lock is all that this gizmo will change.

Using a CLB, unlocking the pin is just the first thing you need to do, then unplugging it from the car makes sure it won't return to the locked position (no power = no movement), then connecting the CLB gizmo to the car fools the car into thinking that the lock is functioning properly.

For the dealer recall, they take apart the steering column and install a plate without any holes so the locking pin can't engage anything. Same effect, different method, but it's possible for the moving parts to still fail at a later date.

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