Friends...long time, no post. Its obvious by some of my previous posts that i know nothing about my sweet ride. Hell, I don't care. I have learned so much by reading this forum mostly on a daily basis..Mine is an '01 coupe.I'm in love with my car, but ready to divorce it...

I have just experienced my first "column lock." Happened in Raleigh last Tues. Car parked outside all day. 105 deg. temp. Started it after work, everything worked perfectly. Except, the steering wheel locked up. DIC says , pull key, wait 10 seconds...that didn't work. Friend says to disconnect the battery and wait a while. Then reconnect, blah-blah. It then worked fine. Same thing, same place the next day. Disc. battery, 1 hr. later i'm in business. Straight to the nearest dealer (stealer)...We had the original recall done 2 years ago here in town. Now the dealer says that recall wasn't part of whats happening now.

This new dealer says that our original recall has been done. Has there been another?? We were never notified if there was. The new dealer also says our problem was created by a "star" connector, and had corroded.. can a 40G+ car be disabled by a 50 cent go***m ... Is this what we all have to look forward to? Whats next? Is this lock-up going to happen again when i'm running out the country road ? Is GM so uncaring and cheap to put junk ass parts in our rides. I might could understand it in a GEO Metro or something, but, puhleeze...THESE ARE VETTES!!!!

Sorry for the long post, but i'm seriously thinking of getting rid of my sweet ride before I or my wife die behind the wheel..Ready to get a nice boat. and join you all in the class-action lawsuit..See you on the water cheers