Well I've just been taken to the cleaners by my local chevy dealer. I had to have the car towed there yesterday, and I had the CLB in hand and they would not install it because it wasn't a GM part. They replaced the (what ever it's called mechanism) for $430. Gave me a 15% discount, I'm convinced the $50 CLB would have solved the problem but without incurring additional towing and diagnosis and labor I was screwed. They said it would solve the issue but it probably wasn't a bad idea to have the CLB installed. The car has 8,000 miles on it, I'm totally PO'd.

Thanks for your help guys, I felt trapped, when the car won't move it takes a lot of service options out of my hands. I'll have the CLB installed Friday by someone I can trust and hopefully not worry about it again and chalk it up to GM crap.

Do you think there is any recourse in calling a regional rep or who ever at GM?