Hallelujah! Finally got the car back from the dealer, with the "C" special recall done for free. Been off the road since July 25. It took until August 16 to get GM to agree to pay, and the rest of the time waiting for them to find the parts needed. Apparently there are none in the parts supply chain anywhere.

Lesson #1: If you want GM to fix it for free, they will. Provided you escalate and can quote chapter and verse of the "special policy" (many thanks to the person who posted it on this board) and complain that this is a real safety issue. In my case I emphasized that I had a car that would drive, but not steer and that seemed to me to be downright dangerous. I pointed out that I had come out of my garage, then tried to steer down my driveway, then found I had no steering.

Lesson #2: If you have an affected vehicle and the recall has not been done, start with GM customer service to try to get them to do it for free; the dealers will not help you, and the parts seem to be in very short supply. Another year or so, there probably won't be any.